If you are a healthcare provider or nonprofit organization in need of a printable version (PDF) of the local loan closets in your county for patients/clients please contact us.

Michigan Loan Closets

With sponsorship from Lending Hands of Michigan, Inc.

Welcome to the Michigan directory of Great Lakes Loan Closets. This website is designed to help you find free or low-cost home medical equipment in your community. To find resources in your area, simply click on your county below. Local programs will appear first, followed by state programs and national programs.

All of the organizations have been contacted to make sure the information is correct. We will continue to search for other organizations, and will add them to the website as quickly as possible. Click here to continue reading.

If you have medical equipment that you would like to donate, but don't know how, please read this article on donating medical equipment.

Please click on your county to view available resources:

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A note about our name Great Lakes Loan Closets

We started this online directory in the summer of 2012 as Michigan Loan Closets, Inc. Our goal was to help those in need find medical equipment resources within their communities. In the Spring of 2013 we were asked to add resources for Northern Indiana, and in 2014 we added resources for Wisconsin. Since we have grown, we wanted to add a new name that would reflect the change, so we chose Great Lakes Loan Closets.