About Us

About Us

We started this online directory in the summer of 2012 as Michigan Loan Closets, Inc. Our goal was to help those in need find medical equipment resources within their communities. In the Spring of 2013 we were asked to add resources for Northern Indiana, and in 2014 we added resources for Wisconsin. Since we had grown, we wanted to add a new name that would reflect the change, so we chose Great Lakes Loan Closets.

In 2015 a nurse requested we provide printable versions of the information for her patients. We greatly appreciate all of the caring nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, nonprofit professionals, and many others who have distributed the PDF versions to their patients/clients.

We would like to thank the 300+ organizations who have allowed us to list their programs on this directory. We would also like to thank them, along with the health care professionals and individuals who have offered their support, feedback and suggestions. We welcome your comments, and hope you will feel free to share your thoughts with us. To email us, go to our Contact Us page.

We hope this directory will help you find the medical equipment you need, and we hope the medical equipment you receive will help you deal with the challenges you’re facing.