Examples of Equipment

Thanks to Medline for allowing us to use their photos.

The equipment shown here are items that may be available through loan closet programs. Most organizations receive donated equipment from the community, so equipment availability varies. Some organizations are only able to accept certain types of equipment and may not have many of the items shown.

Please consult with a professional medical care provider to determine what type of equipment is best for you. If you have a progressive condition, some pieces of equipment may be better choices than others. A professional health care provider will be able to help you choose the right options for you.

Walking Aids


  • (Side Stepper, Hemi Walker)


  • (skis, walker sleds)
  • (4-Wheeled Walker)



  • (note small wheels in back)




  • (Toilet Safety Frames)


  • (Shower Bench) Not the same as a Bath Transfer Bench. Sits completely in the bathtub
  • (1/2 sits in the tub, 1/2 sits outside the tub)


Dressing Aids

Transfer Aids

If you are a health care provider or nonprofit

Contact us us if you would like us to email you a printable version (PDF) of the loan closets for your patients/clients. Please be sure to let us know which counties you would like.